❓What is Fecurity?

Fecurity – Battle Bit

6,49 € – 45,99 €


β–Έ CPU: INTEL and AMD β–Έ Win Ver: 2004 – all new (Windows 10 – 11 ) (Home and Pro but better use Pro version) β–Έ Steam


Enabled – Visuals enabled Enemy only – Visuals for enemies only Box – Draw player box Box outline Health – Draw health bar Skeleton – Draw skeleton Maximum Distance – Distance for visuals, skeleton, box Player info – Nickname, distance, etc


Aimbot at shoot Magic aimbot Bind aimbot

MISC Ovveride FOV – Overrides field of view FOV

EXPLOITS Speed hack Instant hit Instant ads Unlock fire modes No spread No recoil No boltcatch No ballistic DPI

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