⚠️Common bug fix

Massive fail while privacy protecting - Stage: 10!! Try again...

  • Uninstall FiveM and all FiveM related files from C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\FiveM

  • If its not there, find where it is and uninstall all files, then redownload FiveM and install it, choose the install path to this one C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\FiveM should work!

Massive fail while loading privacy protect - Stage 9!! Try again...

Failed to get FiveM folder from path #2.

  • Reinstall FiveM

Failed to find FiveM, please make sure it is installed!! #1

  • Likely Windows Username Has A Space Or Invalid Character!

Massive fail while privacy protecting #6!! Try again...

  • Windows Username Probably Has Special Character ëüâÀ!

Massive fail while privacy protecting #3!! Try again..

You can't login using this device!

  • You can't use redENGINE on a virtual machine.

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